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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a fundamental philosophy for both business operators and their customers. 

Consumers want the companies they do business with to operate with integrity and to support the communities in which they operate.

When we created MADD Virgin Drinks, this philosophy was “top of mind” in our planning and, we believe, has created a unique program for both our customers and our retail partners.

As a customer, you can be proud knowing that each and every time you purchase MADD Virgin Drinks, 10% of net sales go to support MADD Canada, and at the same time, provide your family and friends a delicious alternative to alcohol.

As a retailer, you are making this important product and program available to your customers and, with the MADD Virgin Drinks merchandising program, supporting the efforts of MADD Canada, from coast to coast.

Corporate Social Responsibility is just good common sense...it’s about doing the right thing...and MADD Virgin Drinks are the right thing for both consumers and retailers alike.

Thank You for your support.